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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Became an Ordained Minister Today

As of October 9, 2005, I became an ordained minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God.

My wife and I have an evangelism ministry, “Repent And Turn Ministries”. I am doing what I can in Christ to fulfill this calling. A brother in Christ told me about a ministry,
United Christian Faith Ministries (UCFM) that is a Christian centered home based Church ministry using the internet as a worldwide Gospel tool in fulfilling our Gospel Commission.

I had a desire to be an ordained minister, but I didn't want one of those cheap "fly-by-night" internet ordinations that any person of any belief can get. I wanted one that has integrity, and that screens their applicants, as well as tests their motives and Biblical knowledge. I found it in this one.

This is how it all came about. I submitted an application for membership to the United Christian Faith Ministries Evangelistic Association, then was asked to take a series of three tests over topics in the Bible. After the membership was approved, I asked to be approved for ordination.

The regional leader for Missouri sent me two very indepth e-mail interviews, asking questions about the Bible and what I would do in this or that situation, would I give references if asked and that they would do an internet background check of me. After this, I was approved to take the Discipleship courses, which consist of 41 lessons. I printed and studied them, then took the tests online for each lesson. I ended up making a 97% overall score.

Today, I received a certificate stating the following:

“United Christian Faith Ministries Hereby Certifies
Brad W. St. Clair, Having demonstated the values of Christian faith and in recognition you are hereby ordained a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ with all the obligations, rights, and privileges thereof. Minister Credentials. This 09 day of October in the year of our Lord 2005. 601784 – Ordination Number. Fred L. Nech, Senior Pastor, United Christian Faith Ministries.”
If you go to, click "Verify A UCFM Member", type in the ordination number (601784) and click "Submit", and my information pulls up immediately. I have ordered my packet of Professional Certificates for official business, this will allow me to file with the courthouse to make it legal with the state to perform weddings, etc.

This is just one of my continuing educational pursuits in learning to be a more effective witness for Jesus Christ.

Here is a little more information about UCFM if you are interested:

UCFM provides Christian leadership, training, and inspiration to build and support Christians worldwide working together in partnerships as Ambassadors to our Lord Jesus.

Regional and Local leaders screen sincere applications for approval to UCFM membership.

They provide free ordination for qualified applicants who have achieved their basic training and educational criteria.

Ordination applicants must be in compliance with our high standards set forth in the terms and conditions of ordination, and are required to renew credentials on a yearly basis.
The UCFM statements of beliefs constitute our basic Christian beliefs.

We are a Christ-centered, Bible believing community who constantly renew our commitment to a deeper understanding of God and his will for and in the joy of salvation we worship God in Christian unity.
We believe in individual responsibility before God in each of our lives, thoughts and actions, understanding each others Christian views may differ slightly but all hold accountable to the basic essentials of Christian Doctrine. We believe in unity in essential doctrines and liberty in non-essential doctrines.
We seek growth through study of God’s Word, prayer, and guidance by the Holy Spirit. Having, great love and admiration for each other without respect for wealth, race, gender, age, social status, or doctrinal differences. We are therefore committed to seeking the will of God in our lives and faithfully dedicating our lives to the service of Jesus Christ.


The United Christian Faith Ministries (UCFM) is a non-denominational Christian association supporting each other in edification, fellowship, and worship of our Lord.

1. The United Christian Faith Ministries Evangelistic Association (EA) is an international association of Christians who fellowship to mutually assist each other in various ways from outreach and support, to using the Internet as an Evangelism tool.

2. It is our mission to qualify, equip, and recognize those seeking to fulfill their callings in Christian Ministry. To accomplish this mission the UCFM offers free online Biblical study courses and testing from independent websites covering many aspects of basic Christianity and ministry.

3. Worldwide Evangelism through partnership, building, planting, and strengthening of Christian cell communities to live in covenant as communities under the Lordship of Jesus, to make disciples of all nations and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

God bless you.
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